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No you don't have to pay a deposit. 

The car can be picked up by us in Brakkeput Abou / Jan Thiel but it is no problem to pick you up at your accommodation.

You do not have to pay in advance with us. Payment is made on the day of delivery of the car. 

Anyone with a valid driver's license can rent a car at De Vos Autoverhuur. So even under 23 and even under 21 you can go to De Vos Autoverhuur for a rental car.

At De Vos Autoverhuur you can add a free second and third driver to the reservation. A contract is signed on the first day of renting, where several drivers can sign.

De Vos Autoverhuur is known for its flexibility. Extending the rental period is in good consultation and when possible always negotiable.

Paying cash is no problem with us. This can be paid in guilders and in dollars. 

You can drive an unlimited number of kilometers with a rental car from De Vos Autoverhuur.

Yes, that's possible! The rental amount can be paid in cash. Renting a car on Curaçao without a credit card is possible at De Vos Autoverhuur!

There are no other costs besides the rental sum. The daily price times the number of days is the price you pay. It is, however, possible to add extra services such as, all risk insurance, child seats, pick up and drop off on the other side of the island.

In principle, delivery and pick up takes place within working hours. If you would like to receive or return the car at different times, please contact us. We would like to help everyone.

The rental price includes a standard basic insurance (WA). It is possible to add an All-risk insurance with an excess of 500 euros. You can also buy off your deductible, so that you are fully insured. For more information you can contact us. 

Certainly, many people like to drive around carefree during their vacation. Ask us about the possibilities.

In principle we use a minimum of four consecutive rental days. However, it is possible in some periods to rent for less than four days for a small extra charge. Contact us for the conditions.

That depends on the chosen insurance. With an All Risk cover, there is only an excess of EUR 500.

In the event of damage or an accident, it is mandatory to stop the car where it happened. Moving the vehicle is not permitted. Always contact Forensys: 199 and us directly.

You can always go within office hours contact us. Outside office hours you can also contact the Roadservice: 9247 (+5999 465 0896)

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