Rent a reliable car on Curaçao

Are you looking for a cheap and reliable rental car on Curaçao? De Vos Car Rental is happy to help you find the right rental car. Book your rental car at the Vos Car Rental Curaçao for a cheap and reliable car. We have extensive experience in the rental car business and we can meet all your needs. Personal attention and good service are of paramount importance to us.

Are you coming to Curaçao to enjoy the sun? Then it is important to rent a car during your stay. Curaçao is characterized by the many beautiful sights that you really should not miss!

The great thing about Curaçao is that the beaches, nice eateries, and cultural attractions are spread out across the island. Therefore, having a car on the island really is a must. We are happy to assist you with this. Reserve your rental car now at De Vos Car Rental for a reliable and affordable rental car.

At De Vos Car Rental, good service is of paramount importance. We can deliver the rental car directly to your accomodation and we can even pick you up from Hato Airport. This way you can enjoy the rental car right at the start of your holiday! Are you near Mambo Beach or Jan Thiel? Then we can pick you up for free.

Both young and old visit Curaçao and that is why we think it is important that everyone should have the opportunity to rent a car. At De Vos Autoverhuur the minimum age to rent a car is 18.

There are no costs associated with making a reservation, there's no down payment. All you have to do is fill in the reservation form or contact us directly. We are happy to help you find a rental car that suits your needs!

Car rental on Curaçao: cheap and reliable

De Vos Car Rental

Why rent a car at De Vos Car Rental?

At De Vos Car Rental you can rent a cheap and reliable car. Our extensive fleet ranges from small cars to SUV's, and everything in between. Our cars are very well maintained and before delivering your rental car we check the car from A to Z.

In addition, we find personal service and transparency very important. You can count on us and we have no hidden costs. You rent a car from us for an all-in price. This way you can drive carefree across the island! De Vos Car Rental: reliable car rental on Curaçao.

Do you also want to explore the island during your vacation on Curaçao? Then book one of our rental cars and enjoy our great service!

With us you can choose from various models, including:

Kia Picanto

Explore the island in this compact and comfortable car. Available as manual and automatic.

65 ANG p/d


Discover the island in this comfortable Volkswagen UP. The Volkswagen UP is really fuel efficient and comes as a manual.

75 ANG p/d

Kia Carens

Big family? Then book our Kia Carens. This 7 seater is perfect for large families or groups to explore the island.

150 ANG p/d

Kia Sportage

Do you prefer a bigger car? Then reserve this comfortable and sporty SUV. It's a really spacious car with a large trunk which is ideal for taking your family to the beach.

125 ANG p/d
luxe SUV huren Curaçao

Kia Seltos

Do you need space and comfort? Then go for this sporty SUV. This new Kia Seltos is spacious inside so you can explore the island in all ease and comfort.

150 ANG p/d

Kia Sonet

Discover Curaçao in style! Reserve this brand new 2022 Kia Sonet now. This car is spacious inside, making it the perfect car to tour the island with the whole family.

125 ANG p/d
auto huren curaçao

Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa 2022 is a spacious and comfortable sedan and it's perfect for exploring the island with your family. This automatic sedan with a spacious trunk offers you all the comfort you are looking for during your holiday.

110 ANG p/d
kia rio huren curacao

Kia Rio

This beautiful sedan is spacious inside, so you can easily tour the island with your whole family. This automatic car with a spacious trunk offers you all the comfort you are looking for during your holiday. 

95 ANG p/d

Audi Q3

Go for luxury, go for our Audi Q3. Explore the island in luxury in this Audi Q3 automatic.The car is equipped with air conditioning and bluetooth which makes your stay on Curaçao complete.

195 ANG p/d

Nissan Navara 4×4

Are you coming to Curaçao soon and would you like to rent a pick-up during your stay? Then book your pick-up with us right away! We offer pick-ups on Curaçao that are fully equipped. For example, are you going to dive or do you want to drive off road? Then this pick up is ideal for you.

150 ANG p/d

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is a classic that lends itself perfectly to any road trip or vacation. With a unique, aerodynamic appearance, a stable frame and very efficient fuel consumption, this car guarantees a ride that is powerful, but above all a lot of fun. The Jeep Cherokee offers space for five people and luggage, and can therefore be used for a holiday with friends or with the whole family.

195 ANG p/d

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